St Kizito Orphanage

The St Kizito orphanage is based in Bunia, in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Over the past decade, Bunia has been the centre of a conflict fought over the huge natural resources found in the region.
  Many tens of thousands have been killed or died due to the lack of access to medication. As a result of this and the dire economic situation for the majority of the population, there is an enormous problem with children either losing their parents or their parents simply not having enough funds to support the family. This is where St Kizito comes in.   St Kizito looks after nearly 100 children of varying ages. They bathe them, feed them, educate them, allow them to grow and play and at the end of the day they put them to sleep. St Kizito is mainly staffed by volunteers and is run wholly on support by individual donations.